Change is accelerating in the global manufacturing sector as more and more companies implement smart technologies, 自动化和灵活的流程. The trend towards digitalisation also affects companies' localisation decisions, with 日博备用网站 emerging as a highly competitive and knowledge-intensive country for manufacturers that want to reach the 欧洲an market.

在本期播客中, 我们见到了克拉斯·埃里克森, 商业日博备用网站的项目经理, who shares his insights into the three primary drivers for change – 可持续性, 数字化和区域化. "If you don’t implement new technologies and working methods today, 你最终会被超越,他解释道.

Join Klas in a discussion about 日博备用网站's key areas of strength and its role as a pioneer in the global shift towards green, 互联和接近日博备用网站的制造.