Informal retail channels are tied to the history, 传统, and trading preferences of consumers in the region. 这些根深蒂固的做法和结构是社会结构的一部分, so understanding how these channels operate and where products are consumed is essential for Swedish retail and technology companies who have solutions and products that are in demand.


非洲的非正式零售部门是由多种因素共同维持的, 包括便利, 可购性, 和可访问性. Most 非洲n consumers live in low-income areas and informal retail provides a vital source of goods and services that are not readily available through formal channels. The sector is characterised by small-scale, 没有正式注册或许可的独立交易者.

尽管该行业, and continues to dominate the retail landscape, one of the main challenges facing the informal retail sector in 非洲 is the lack of infrastructure and access to financing which limits retailers’ ability to store products and grow their business. Understanding the product flow and demand is part of the puzzle that Swedish companies need to unlock so they can develop an effective regional route-to-market strategy and targeted product offerings.

尽管面临挑战, 非正式零售渠道在非洲大陆的经济中发挥着重要作用. 现在, digital technologies are revolutionising the retail landscape in 非洲; investments in innovative digital business models have enabled businesses and consumers to access new retail and payment opportunities.


Local businesses must adapt their product portfolios, 定价, and distribution strategies to capitalise on these new channels of opportunity or devise innovative

选择, and this is where Swedish companies can play a pivotal role; and now is the time to leverage digital technologies when considering market entry into 非洲.

Swedish companies who can help informal retailers with digital technologies can unlock revenue growth opportunities by enabling retailers to expand their customer base, 精简他们的运作, 开拓新日博备用网站. 例如, 数字技术可以使中小企业获得融资, 日博备用网站新客户, and improve their supply chain efficiency.


Digitalisation can help deliver 可购性 through innovative payment solutions while also enabling retailers to reach a wider consumer base, including secluded and rural populations. Thinking outside of the box while setting a go-to market strategy is critical for reaching and promoting new products to 非洲n consumers.

非洲, and individual markets on the continent have often been overlooked as viable for global expansion by Swedish companies, 主要是因为未知. 然而, 如果公司首先了解影响这些零售商如何运作的因素, 包括经济学, 消费者的偏好, 以及当地文化, the short- and long-term growth potential is unlimited. There is also the opportunity to set standards for sustainable business practice and influence the direction of consumer trends.

如果导航正确, the informal retail sector in 非洲 presents numerous opportunities for Swedish companies. 例如, 日博备用网站公司可以利用他们在物流方面的专业知识, 供应链管理, 以及支持非正规零售部门发展的数字技术. Collaboration is not off the table – working closely with local partners on the ground helps develop new products and services tailored to the needs of local consumers and could be key to breaking into the vast market.

Business 日博备用网站 has conducted market analysis investigating the informal retail sector and the move from informal to modern retail settings which has been heavily influenced by the growth of digitalisation through mobile payments. The findings of this analysis are presented alongside deep dives on some of the largest economies on the continent, 肯尼亚, 尼日利亚, 和南非, 报表格式.

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